About us

Remorker is a technology pioneer and pro supolier. From our world class chamois technology to our materials research

Each big / good / authentic story has its followers. We are starting ours and we are looking for you. Symbolically, we call ourselves “Remorker”, which means that our existence is conditioned by yours, and vice-versa. Like the meaning of the word, Remorker is a boat that maneuvers other vessels by pushing or towing them, tugboat. Our intention is to meet your desires and needs while you try to keep your body and mind healthy every day. So let us be the narrator who will tell you about your healthy habits and achievements.
As we still set the scaffolding on this story, let us introduce you to our mission: By promoting and practicing healthy habits (through cycling, running, jogging, hiking), we have started to create equipment that will encourage endurance and productivity by fulfilling these activities.
Our product line includes: “drive-fit” T-shirts (short and long sleeves), bicycle T-shirts (short and long sleeves), sweatshirts, jerseys, sports bags, fitness backpacks, yoga mats, bandanas. From the idea of realization, these seemingly ordinary products will be produced in our country. Their appearance will be designed by a team of young and creative designers, and the quality of workmanship will be taken care of by professional textile workers. So join this exclusive story from your neighborhood. Let’s build the brand together, let the result be common!

Great cycle clothing should fit so well that you don’t even notice it. At Remorker we strive to create garments that fit like a ‘second skin’, it is what we are best known for.
Remorker is a technology pioneer and pro supplier. From our world class chamois technology to our materials research, our aim is to make sure that every Remorker product provides you with maximum performance in the saddle.
Each garment is engineered to provide unsurpassed comfort in the saddle, from the materials selected to the strategic placement of each seam.
Remorker Active Sport Wear is Made in Macedonia by our highly skilled production staff with the highest quality materials. Each garment undergoes vigorous quality controls and will last a lifetime.
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